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  1. AnonymousJune 27, 2016

    Hello. I'm an active member of the Church and find my purpose, uplift and goals through the gospel. My dear husband isn't a member. Each Sunday evening, he wants to watch a movie or tv show with me. He doesn't want to watch only nature or history shows. He wants a movie; the movie can be my choice, but he doesn't want to watch only church related movies. My concern is- in Father's eyes, am I breaking the commandment to keep the Sabbath holy? More than anything, I look forward to my husband knowing the church is true someday and being married for time and all eternity. I also don't want to find that I messed up in keeping the Sabbath holy and pay the price in the eternities. Any thoughts?

    1. Sister, you are just fine. Observance of the Sabbath is a personal thing and there really is no list of right and wrong. Spending time with your husband, connecting with him in a way that he enjoys is a good thing. Don't fall for the tricks of the pharisees of the New Testament and worry so much about lists of do's and do not's. Look to Jesus for the example.