1. Thank you for your essays. I have really enjoyed reading them and feel like you represent REAL LDS womanhood well.

  2. Your blog is interesting. Thanks for all of your insights. It is true that Mormon women need to be more open and willing to discuss the issues you discuss. I especially enjoyed the one on Polygamy. Your post about Utah Mormons not being friendly is so far from the truth though. Try not to be offended and reach out to others instead of measuring how much they reach out to you! I

  3. I know this is very, very tardy...but thank you for your "5 Weird Ways to be a Better Visiting Teacher." I loved it at the time, and shared it with some of the sisters in my ward. Then I remembered it when the BIG change from Visiting Teaching to ministering was announced. Pretty much everything you wrote is exactly what we are to do as ministering sisters. Just want you to know that what you wrote helped me to realize what an important impact we can have in the world as we work harder to serve our sisters in weird ways.